We are a mother and daughter team who are passionate about empowering women to have a positive birth. We have come from a long line of strong women who have never feared birth, rather looked upon it as a right of passage. collectively we have had five positive birth experiences, leaving each experience feeling like warrior women!

Deb Godber

Hi – I’m Deb I am a registered nurse, registered midwife, mum, grandma (Moonpie) and wife. My interest in positive birthing started back in 1984 when I was living in the UK and had newly qualified as a nurse, I was 21 and pregnant for the first time. My husband and I enrolled in national childbirth classes which looking back were not too dissimilar to the hypnobirthing Australia classes. I went on to have four gentle births three of which were in my own home. I was inspired by my births and parenting journey that I trained to be a volunteer breastfeeding councillor within the NCT (equivalent to the Australian Breastfeeding Association) for five years before moving to Australia.


It was while working as a Registered Nurse in Roebourne, Western Australia that I was given the opportunity to train as a midwife and lactation consultant. Over the last twenty plus years I have predominantly worked with pregnant and birthing woman, supporting them to birth and breastfeed their babies. During 2019 I attended a hypnobirthing supporters’ workshop when working in Karratha run by Western Australia Country Health Service. It was during these seminars and subsequent hypnobirthing births I felt empowered to become a practitioner, to spread the word and allow other women to take birth back! My main interest is supporting woman who may have had a traumatic experience in the past to experience a gentle birth in the future however it may go!

Fi Borgomastro

Hey! My name is Fi, I am a registered nurse and Mum to Astrid and Brin my fur baby. I qualified in 2015 from Curtin University as a registered nurse and have worked on a medical/surgical ward since. Astrid was born in June 2021 and her birth is the major catalyst behind my passion for the positive birth program. It took me three pregnancies and two years to be able to hold my bubba in my arms. After two miscarriages and a less than desirable hospital admission for my second miscarriage I was in dire need of tools to allow me to cope and be mindful during my third pregnancy.


This program was instrumental in teaching me to be calm, look within and manifest my positive birth. And did I get it! The birth of my baby girl has left me feeling a new sense of power accomplishment as well as closure for my previous miscarriages. After embarking upon this journey and seeing first-hand the power it allowed me to cultivate, I have been inspired to spread the word! Reduce birth trauma and encourage positivity for birth.