Course Outline

The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program is made up of 4 hours of face to face tuition, when you choose to join the Beautiful Breastfeeding Program, you’ll gain access to the Thompson Method Program, all of the bonus program videos PLUS membership to the Breastfeeding Club for guidance and support for L.I.F.E. Empower yourself with gentle, evidence based breastfeeding education with Deb, a certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator, so that you are in control of your birth and breastfeeding journey. And the best time to do this, is during pregnancy.

Session 1

  • Creating your Birth Plan, using the Thompson Method Birth Plan Template
  • What is the APGAR Score (plus a PDF Download)
  • Induction of Labour (and the possible implications with breastfeeding)
  • Routine vaginal examinations
  • The Cascade of Intervention
  • Is it necessary to collect colostrum?

session 2

  • The 3 Golden Hours
    • Your baby’s first breastfeed
  • The first 72 – 96 hours
    • How breast milk is established
    • The first 72 – 96 hours (clarification)
    • The fear of low weight gain (Babies Weight gain)
  • Unexpected Situations
    • What happens if you don’t get your 3 Golden Hours?
    • Dealing with Mother Baby separation
    • The sleepy baby

session 3

  • Sustaining breastfeeding, once your milk volume has peaked
    • The importance of feeding from both breasts each feed
    • Why is the rest and digest period so important?
    • How long is the rest and digest period?
    • The implications of frequent feeding
    • The crying, unsettled baby
  • Implications of introducing oral devices, such as nipple shields, bottles & teats

session 4

  • Avoiding Painful Nipple Trauma
    • Preventing nipple pain in the first 72 hours
    • Why the cross cradle technique should be avoided
    • A preferable way to gently cradle your baby
  • Face to Breast Symmetry
    • Face to Breast Symmetry
    • Fine Tuning to overcome nipple pain
    • The Lipstick shaped nipple
  • Phenomenon of tongue frenotomy (commonly referred to as tongue tie)