Emma – Birth of Baby ari

The hypnobirthing course allowed me to have the most beautiful labour at home and to birth my baby with absolutely no pain relief. It also allowed me to get through a tough situation after I gave birth. It helped myself and my husband feel confident in our discussions with medical professionals and to advocate for ourselves and our baby in both the lead up to labour, and after giving birth. 

At 41 weeks, I woke up in the morning and knew something was different. I had an appointment at the hospital scheduled to monitor my baby so went along to this. The doctor tried to persuade me to have a stretch and sweep before going home and I listened to my intuition and declined this intervention. Even though it was very early stages, I knew that my baby was on his way. 

After going home, my husband and I woke up from a nap at 5:30 pm and I was now certain that I was in the early stages of labour. We were both so calm and I let each wave come and go peacefully. He used acupressure and anchor touch to help me with the pain and I relied on my exercise ball, scents, music and the ‘I can do anything for a minute’ and ‘ride the wave’ mantras. My husband was so encouraging and knew exactly what to say and do thanks to the hypnobirthing course. 

At around 8pm my Mum came over to take our dog home and her and my sisters were sitting with us and chatting as each wave came and went. Mum even copied Adam and helped apply acupressure when needed. 

At 10 pm we left for the hospital and after I arrived I went straight to the shower as I had vomited on myself. I hadn’t even made it to the delivery rooms yet and all of our hypno props to set up our environment were still in the car as we had been told I may still be sent home. 

In the shower, I knew that my baby was coming and I got down on my hands and knees. Adam called the nurses and calmly told them that I was feeling the need to bear down. The nurses panicked and told me I ‘wasn’t allowed’ to have my baby in the shower of the assessment unit. They said that I needed a doctor and a resuscitation cart as there was meconium in my waters and I couldn’t give birth unless I was in a delivery suite. 

They assessed me in the shower and told me I was fully dilated. They were fearful and made me ‘pant like a dog’ to stop the urge to bear down as they transported me to the delivery room. In this time, I became stressed and overwhelmed as I was made to fear for the safety of my baby. I wish that the nurses had remained calm as they definitely took myself and Adam out of our calm and positive state of mind. 

When we arrived in the delivery room, the delivery nurse instantly took control and told me I was safe and was allowed to have my baby. I chose my own position on the bed and began to bear down as soon as I got on it. Due to my fear, I did ‘coached pushing’ for part of this stage but when the nurse heard what Adam was saying to me she changed her technique and also told me to breathe and remain calm. 

Our baby arrived just over an hour after arriving at hospital and less than 30 mins after I felt the need to bear down in the shower.

Our little boy Ari was born at 11:36 pm and placed straight into my arms. I felt so proud of myself for birthing him and so relieved that he was so healthy. 

He came out with his hand up at his head and I ended up with a tear that needed to be repaired. This required a spinal block and I was more nervous about this procedure than I ever was about giving birth. After two hours of skin to skin contact and breastfeeding my baby, they took me to theatre for the repair. 

In theatre I used music, meditation and breathing techniques to help me go into my ‘bubble’ and manage my nerves.

Our pregnancy and birth experience would have been so different without the help of Deb and Fi. They taught us to trust our intuition and for me to trust my body and baby. I have no doubt that the reason I presented to hospital fully dilated and gave birth with no need for pain relief is because I had such great tools to use at home. 

Deb and Fi are passionate and knowledgeable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their hypnobirthing course to anyone. Thank you so much for empowering us both throughout the pregnancy and birth journey.

Natasha – Birth of baby Hunter

Fi & Deb are extremely passionate and provided both myself and my birth partner with the tools and techniques to have a positive birth story. They helped us to see that birth is not to be feared, instead a wonderful chapter to be celebrated and embraced. 

They helped me go into my birth story with a clear and excited mind. 

Which was something that was extremely difficult for me to do before I started my hypnobirthing journey. 

Without their guidance and knowledge I wouldn’t have felt as powerful and in control during my birth. 

They truly are warrior woman, helping woman embrace birth. 

We are so thankful to both Fi & Deb who played such an important role in our birth story.