What is Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing Australia’s Positive birth program is a unique private antenatal education program which aims to empower birthing mothers and their birth partners. This comprehensive evidence-based program builds on the couple’s knowledge of the birthing process while teaching valuable tools to assist in a calm birth. This program teaches such tools as breathing, movement and self-hypnosis to name a few. This practical knowledge and coping strategies taught will enable you to prepare for a gentle mindful birth. The education comes in the form of face to face tuition (12 hours in total) practical exercises, videos and much much more! The skills we teach empower both birthing and her team on their birthing journey, which ever way her baby enters the world! Partners are encouraged to participate and are included 100% in the program,¬†which can relieve their stress and enable them to feel more part of this wonderful journey. However, if a woman wishes to birth with only her baby as her partner, she will not feel excluded.


The positive birth program is just that – aimed at having a POSITIVE BIRTH! Regardless of how/where you choose to birth you will be taught a wide range of skills to for both yourself and birth partner to assist you in your birth journey. Empowering the whole birth team with evidence based techniques to reduce stress pain and enable a positive informed birth.


The cost of the program includes a wide range of resources, which allows the birthing mother and her birth partner to practice massage, meditation, write a birth plan as well as view beautiful birth videos and many more useful resources! These recourses are available to view through the hypnobirthing Australia website and will enable you to view and practice what is taught in class from the comfort of you home in the lead up to your birthing day!

For more information and resources please visit www.hypnobirthingaustralia.com.au