Take TRIUMPH in the little things!

As my guess date drew nearer and nearer I started to consider what my days would look like
after the arrival of my baby. I began to consider how vastly things would change my day-to-
day life. If you have ever been pregnant, I’m sure you received a huge number of unsolicited
nuggets of knowledge some more helpful than others. While receiving a pregnancy massage
in my third trimester, my therapist divulged to me about her early days as a mum and how
her mum would come every morning to take the baby while she showered and had a cup of
tea baby free. This inspired me to set myself daily goals for my fourth trimester and they
were as follows; daily shower, daily skin routine and a big cup of coffee.
I would have once taken theses little luxuries for granted, however with the demands of my
boobie monster and alone time now a thing of the past I found it increasingly important to
take triumphs in the smallest of win’s. As far as villages were concerned, I think I won the
lottery. My parents took it in turns to come each morning to help me achieve these goals,
they would take Astrid and entertain her as I had a shower (win), carry out my skin care
routine (win) and finally once I was dressed there was a coffee and a boobie biscuit waiting
for me.
I found so much comfort allowing myself to have such a ‘low bar’ of achievements in those
early days as a mum. It would seem no sooner had I gotten out of bed and completed these
tasks that one feed would turn into another and out of nowhere it was three in the
afternoon. But that was okay! My village was nurturing me, nourishing me and assisting me
to maintain my home. My only responsibility was to feed my baby!
So in essence what I’m trying to say is that motherhood is hard, but taking things day by day
and small win by small win you can keep the wheels in motion, this helped me maintain my post
baby high and keep my mental health in check. Six months on I am able to complete these
tasks daily, usually with a cheeky onlooker in the bathroom with me, but if nothing els
happens in my day to day I know if ive managed to have a shower anything is possible, or if
the wheels fall off I have at least done something for myself that day.

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